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Expressions and Reflections is a company founded to facilitate all facets of music, including performance and teaching. I have over 40 years of experience and believe that students should learn the theory and technical aspects of playing an instrument versus imitating a song they hear or see on media.
The Teaching Division encompasses mainly the study of piano, organ, guitar and voice. On occasion, teaching of other instruments is requested, such as beginning violin, beginning drum, beginning flute, etc.  Additionally, ER offers special ensemble and acoustic guitar groups. In January of each year, a student concert is presented, which is open to all current students.
The Performance Division encompasses other activities outside of teaching.  Small concerts and programs, weddings, funerals, christenings, and special music services come under this division. 

The Company

Judie Jensen

Judie Jensen, is the proprietor of Expressions and Reflections. In 2008, Judie and Expressions and Reflections were named Entrepreneur of the Year by the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners—Women’s Business Center. From 2013 through 2017, Judie has been named a finalist as one of New Jersey’s Leading Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Judie currently serves as a consultant for the Women's Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation.


Her educational background includes study in music theory, application, performance and directing from Moraine Valley College in Illinois and six years of study at the Bortolli Conservatory of Music in Chicago, Illinois. 


She has served as the Music Director for several community theater groups and churches in both Illinois and New Jersey. Since its inception in 2008, and through 2013, Judie had served as Accompanist for the Department of Dance at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey.  Prior to Expressions and Reflections’ expansion in 2005, Judie performed community service as the Strand Theater’s (Lakewood, New Jersey) Auxiliary President. There, she was involved in fund raising, scholarship grants, restoration activities and supervising the volunteer staff for the theater. Judie has a son, Harry, who assists her as stage manager during Expressions and Reflections’ annual concert.


I hope to always serve as an advocate in my community for the advancement of music education and careers in music.



Women's Business Center

2008 Entrepenuer 

of the Year



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